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Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum, 5th Annual

Amburgo, 6-7 maggio 2020

Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Forum, 5th Annual (
Hamburg, 6-7 May 2020) has been put together for the fifth time in a row, based on the success of the past annuals, to explore how industry experts can leverage the large amounts of data generated by the offshore wind farms to introduce cost saving efficiencies to offshore wind O&M operations. The Forum will showcase best strategies and practices in offshore wind technology design, operation, maintenance and safety in order to optimize reliability, accessibility, and vessel deployment costs.

The event will bring together experts and professionals in the renewable energy sector, in particular, offshore wind offshore O&M and green energy. The event will focus on the benefits of the effective maintenance of offshore wind turbines, clean energy production technology, offshore O&M costs and risk reduction strategies and O&M innovations.


  • - Offshore Wind O&M – Driving Down Maintenance Costs
  • - Offshore Wind O&M in the Era of Digitalization
  • - Digital Twin and IoT for Offshore Wind O&M
  • - Predicting Maintenance to Maximize O&M Performance
  • - Drones for Offshore Wind O&M
  • - Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) for Wind Asset
  • - Challenges in Optimizing Wind Asset and Life Extension
  • - Servitization and Digital Innovations in Offshore Wind O&M
  • - Lifetime Extension of Wind Turbine through Smart Maintenance and Digitalization
  • Offshore Wind O&M Cost and Risk Reduction Strategies

    Check event website for updates on speaker lineup, agenda, venue, etc. or sign up to receive updates by email.

    For members of Elettricità Futura, interested in participating, there is a 15% discount.

    Queries please send to Lina Kozina, Project Lead Marketing, BIS GROUP.

    Organizer and Promoter: BIS GROUP   

    Event hashtag :  #BISowom




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