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Iniziative ed Eventi / Eventi segnalati

Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum, 3rd Annual

Berlino, 29-30 aprile 2020

The impact of icing on wind turbines and energy production in different regions is a severe problem. Therefore, emphasis on developing ice mitigation systems has become a significant part of the wind energy conversion systems. These systems use various technologies and have different specifications, sometimes with no clear indication of their efficiency. Since the effect of cold climate on wind turbines is complex, not every ice protection system is suitable for a given wind farm.

Therefore, the aim of Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum (Berlin, 29-30 April 2020) is to compare the existing ice mitigation solutions and provide an indication on efficiency.
During the Forum we will be identifying the key Anti-icing and De-icing solution strategies for wind turbines, benefits associated with the prevention of ice on a turbine’s aerodynamic performance, ways to maximize energy production while minimizing risk to the structural integrity of wind turbines and ice mitigating solution strategies with ice protection techniques and system.

The event will focus on the cost-efficient solutions to cut productivity losses on wind turbines, ways of reducing maintenance costs on wind turbine icing prevention, drones de-icing wind turbine blade, wind turbine throw ice, de-icing wind turbines and optimization of the systems. Besides, the attendees will also discuss the current state in the market, compare ice protection techniques and systems and measure the additional costs generated by ice mitigation.


  • - Wind Power in Cold Climate
  • - Synergies between Wind Turbine and Drone Icing
  • - Condition Monitoring System for wind Turbine in Icing Conditions
  • - The Concept and Potential of Icephobic Coatings
  • - Risk Assessment for Ice Fall and Ice Throw
  • - Ice Detection for De-icing of Wind Turbines
  • - Anti-icing and De-icing Technology for Wind Turbines in Cold climate
  • - Benefits associated with ice prevention on a turbine’s aerodynamic performance
  • - Ice mitigating solution Strategies(s)
  • - Ice Protection Techniques and Systems

Check event website for updates on speaker lineup, agenda, venue, etc. or sign up to receive updates by email.

For members of Elettricità Futura, interested in participating, there is a 15% discount.

Queries please send to Lina Kozina, Project Lead Marketing, BIS GROUP.

Organizer and Promoter: BIS GROUP

Event hashtag : #BISwti




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