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Iniziative ed Eventi

Iniziative ed Eventi / Eventi segnalati / 23-05-2018

Regulation and Integration of Renewable Energy

Firenze | 23 – 25 Maggio 2018

The growth of renewable energy in Europe is changing all paradigms of policy, regulation and market design in Europe. There is currently no initiative related to the supply, transmission, delivery or consumption of electricity that is not directly or indirectly influenced by the integration or development of renewable energy.

As a result, power generation companies have to adapt their commercial strategies and balance their portfolios under new market conditions, TSOs have to engage in closer collaboration for the balancing of the system and efficient use of the interconnections, and regulators must ensure the sustained development of renewable energy through competitive market-based incentives to cope with more and more ambitious sustainability targets.

For this reason, every energy industry professional in Europe is now directly or indirectly involved with the regulation and integration of renewable energy. This course provides the complete view on the European regulatory framework for renewable energy that every professional from the energy industry and from regulatory authorities needs to know. The course is given by top experts in the area in the outstanding setting of the European University Institute in Florence.





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